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Highlight v2.5 Released

This week we released Highlight v2.5. The biggest new feature is the ability to open Highlight recordings in other iOS apps such as iMovie, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and more. This ability allows you to share and use your recordings like never before. Open In also provides the ability to open emailed Highlight recordings from teammates, friends and other directly into Highlight, allowing you to share recordings much easier than ever before.

We hope you enjoy v2.5 and look forward to your feedback.


Open In ability.

New recording library summary for iPhone.

"Start Immediately" setting allows you to begin a recording immediately after pressing the "New Recording" button on the home screen.

Highlight now supports iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Highlight never looked better than on the new iPhone 5. With our latest release of Highlight, version 2.1.2, you can now enjoy Highlight like never before. See more recordings on the Home screen without scrolling and more of your highlights on the Playback screen. 

Highlight v2.1.2 fully supports iOS 6 and also includes a collection of bug fixes.

is there a way to send a recording from one iPhone to another? thank you

Currently, the only way to add a recording into Highlight is to use iTunes File Sharing via the Mac. You can post a recording to Dropbox, download to a Mac, then copy into Highlight.

We are working to improve this workflow in future releases.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

It is hard to believe the end of summer is already here. The Olympics are over, days are getting shorter and school is back in session. 

To help turn your end of summer frown upside down we have temporarily reduced the price of Highlight from $4.99 to $0. We know a lot of college students use Highlight to help with their studies and we figured this would be a nice treat for them. For those of you not in school, you win too.

We have some exciting Highlight developments coming soon so make sure to download it now and be ready.


Converting Audio Files to work with Highlight

We get frequent questions about converting existing audio files to work with Highlight. Highlight Converter allows you to convert your Highlight recordings to other audio formats (.mp4, .wav. aiff), as well as export the metadata, but it does not currently allow you to go the other way.

If you want to convert an existing audio recording into Highlight audio format you can follow the below steps on your Mac:

  1. Copy the audio file you want to convert to the desktop of your Mac.
  2. Open (open Spotlight and type “terminal”).
  3. Type “cd ~/Desktop” in Terminal.
  4. Type “afconvert MyAudioFile.mp3 -f caff -d aac” where MyAudioFile.mp3 is the name of the audio recording you want to convert.
  5. The converted audio recording (MyAudioFile.caf) will appear on the desktop of your Mac. will appear.
  6. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your Mac.
  7. Open iTunes.
  8. In iTunes, click on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in the left side menu. On the right had side tab menu select the “Apps” tab.
  9. Scroll down in the “Apps” tab. You will see “File Sharing”. Select Highlight and then drag and drop the new MyAudioFile.caf onto Highlight. This will copy the audio file into Highlight.
  10. Disconnect your device and launch Highlight. Your new recording will appear on the home screen of Highlight. It might be a ways down in the list because recordings are ordered by date and your file may still keep the old date. Also, your recording will show up as an entry with no name until you “edit” it the first time.

iTunes File Sharing

90 Days or Bust.

Eric and I work hard to limit each project to something we can take from idea to shipping code in under 90 days. Over the last year and a half we have been able to maintain this cadence, only slipping once. The slip was Highlight v2.0, and lets just say adding a rich iPad experience to Highlight took us a bit longer than estimated (60 days to be precise, but we will save the details, and learnings, for another time).

There are two big reasons for the 90 day limit. The first is momentum. Momentum is key for us. Not just in the market place, but also during those late nights and long weeks we spend working on Cohdoo products. Shipping product keeps us fired up and helps us get that extra task done when sleep is calling our name. Nothing zaps energy and drains us mentally than a project than doesn’t seem to end. A project where you feel like you can never see the top of the mountain in sight. Plus, life happens and keeping projects small enables us to finish something quickly and pause when our attention is needed elsewhere for a bit.

The second reason is change. Technology and the world around us change at breakneck speed. If we work on something so big it takes half a year, our idea could be irrelevant well before we ever reach beta. We have to say agile and lean. This way if something changes around us, we can easily bend with it or ditch the project all together. It is a lot easier to throw away 60 days of work than 4 or 5 months.

So what happens if one of our great ideas is estimated to take longer than 90 days? Simple, we break it up into smaller pieces that can be delivered serially, in under 90 days each. We are in the middle of this right now. Just last week we released Highlight v2.1 which contained two highly requested customer features, bluetooth keyboard support and variable speed recording playback, along with an updated iPhone recording playback UI. This updated iPhone UI is required for a bigger item we will be releasing later this summer, but we were able to break the work apart and ship it much sooner, allowing customers to benefit and providing us with more momentum.

Well I must get back to work. 90 days or bust, and the clock counting.