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Icon Grids

Our mission at Cohdoo is bringing ideas to life. To help us bring our ideas to life we are frequently create little tools enabling us to work more effectively and produce higher quality results. One such tool is our icon grids.

There are a lot of good templates available for creating iOS and OS X icons, so why did we create our own? The templates we came across were targeted at designing icons. They had useful features, including showing an icon in context of where it will be used, but they were not quite right for us. We needed a template enabling a designer and developer to work together to bring an icon to life. Templates which clearly laid out all the different sizes of assets for a given platform and stated where they were to be used. 

Since we couldn’t find exactly what we needed, we created our own iOS and OS X icon grids. They are straightforward and minimal, containing only the pieces of information necessary and nothing more. We find them invaluable tools for our app design and development. 

Like our mission says, we are all about bringing ideas to life. Therefore, we want to do everything we can to help bring your ideas to life. If you find our icon grids useful, please download them for free from our site. As always, we appreciate any feedback and stories you have to share.

Download Cohdoo Icon Grids


iOS icon grid (empty)

OS X icon grid (empty).

OS X icon grid (icons for an up-and-coming release).

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